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Candy Applique Pattern

Candy Applique by The Perfect Knot

These sweet little treats are a great addition to your favorite projects. Add them to squares, blankets, shirts or anything else you want to sweeten up!
Use a larger hook for a bigger applique.
Make one or make a ton in your favorite colors. You can use them as sweet little treats for the little ones as rewards, or stitch a bunch together to make a garland or other decoration.

Candy Applique Pattern

This is an Intermediate level pattern written in US crochet terms.

Materials Needed:
Size 4.5mm Crochet Hook
Size 4 Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Legend:
Mgc Rng – Magic Ring
Ch – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
Sl St – Slip Stitch
Trbl – Treble Crochet
FO – Fasten off
St – Stitch
Sts - Stitches
* – Repeat instructions from *
[ ] – Stitches worked into the same Space or Stitch

NOTE Pattern is worked in a Spiral & not joined. You will be crocheting over & carrying your yarn as you continue around & switching colors every other round. Use a Stitch Marker at the end of each round & continue on to the next round’s directions.

Round 1: Begin with a Mgc Rng & Color A, 6 SC into ring, Change to color B on the last half of the 6th SC, pull yarn tail to close & continue to Round 2 (6 SC)

Round 2: With Color B, *2 SC into next St, Repeat around & Change back to Color A on the last half of the last SC (12 SC)

Round 3: With Color A, *SC into next St, 2 SC in next St, Repeat around & switch to Color B on the last half of the last SC (Cut Color A leaving a longer tail to weave in your ends)  (18 SC)

Round 4: With Color B, *SC into each of the next 2 Sts, 2 SC into next St, Repeat around, Sl St into next St, Ch 1 & FO (24 SC)

Weave in your tails for the spiral part of the piece.

In Same St as last FO Attach White yarn with a Sl St, [Ch 4 (Counts as 1st Trbl), 4 Trbl into same Space, Ch 4 & Sl St back into same St], Ch 1 & FO

Count 12 Sts around one side or the other & attach white yarn on the opposite side & repeat instructions above for 2nd side of Wrapper.

Weave in all tails & cut excess yarn to secure.

© Copyright Michelle R. Kovach/The Perfect Knot 2013. All rights reserved. All content & images in this pattern are protected under international copyright laws. This is my original pattern. Do Not Copy, Modify, Reproduce, Redistribute, Sell or Claim as your own. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please Do NOT claim it as your own unique design. Please refer back to me as the original designer for any items you may sell.

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