Friday, August 2, 2013

Mexican Night Leftovers Breakfast Burritos

My family loves Mexican food! We have at least one Mexican meal every week & the great thing is, there is always a little bit of the meat left over!

So whenever I can, I try to make a breakfast burrito the next morning. ;)

Here's a quick, easy & much cheaper (& healthier) than fast food recipe for you to enjoy too!


1/8 to 1/4 Cup Leftover Taco Seasoned Ground Meat or Chicken
1 Egg
1 Small Soft Tortilla (Flour, corn, wheat or whole grain)
1/8 Tsp Cilantro
1/8 Tsp Dried Minced Onions
1/8 Tsp Lawry's Seasoned Pepper
1 Tbsp Shredded Mexican blend Cheeses
2 Tbsp of Your Favorite Salsa


In small pan spray some non-stick cooking spray & use a medium heat. Add Egg, Cilantro, Minced Onion, & Lawry's Seasoned Pepper. Scramble egg & cook until done.
Add Warm Meat, Egg & Cheese to Tortilla, let Cheese melt slightly & add Salsa. Wrap up in a burrito & eat.

Great for breakfast on the go or eat it at home!

You're on your way to a great day with a quick healthy starting breakfast!


Michelle K
The Perfect Knot

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