Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why do I make squares?

I know many of you have found me through my Facebook page & you all often comment on the pictures I share with you. I so Love that! It makes it even more fun for me to share what I have created with all of you. And I love it even more when I receive a lovely message from someone regarding something I posted.

The other day I was asked "Why do you make squares for this project?" & I really sat down & thought about it for quite some time before I answered because it is both simple and complex at the same time as to WHY I do it. I wanted to take the time to expand a little bit about that here.

I know I recently shared with you all about the Join The Love Ministry in this post; and as I mentioned before, this ministry is very personal to me. A few years ago I went through my own series of losses & I think if I had the type of comfort, love & support that we try to provide through the Join the Love ministry, it would have helped me immensely instead of me struggling through it on my own in such a dark place.

We receive the most heartfelt requests on the Join the Love page from the most amazing, strong, loving families that can only hope & pray for just a little piece of their child back. With our blankets, we try our best to give them something that is filled with things they loved about their child or that their child loved & was so personal to them. Each request comes with specific colors and themes that remind them of the child, or things that they would like incorporated into the squares.

Each one of our blankets is completely unique just like their child was. Each square is filled with love, hope & compassion that we wish to pour out on the families nominated. Each square is just a small piece of something beautiful that comes together in the end to make a much larger whole.

So to answer the question "Why do I make squares?", the answer is simple: "Out of Love". I donate my squares because it all becomes something far bigger than myself. My one or two little squares get added to 56 other squares to make it one beautiful piece that gets given away & shared. It becomes Love that can be shared then with every person in that person's family or circle. It becomes peace, comfort & healing to a broken family going through such a difficult time in their lives, that unless you have been through it, you cannot even begin to understand it. We try our best to make each blanket created like a big giant hug for the family receiving it.

So for me to donate my time, my yarn, my heart & my love to make something beautiful for someone else, it just makes sense to me! It's all a part of something bigger, something un-explainable in the sense of why I do it, but yet I love doing it. It allows me to give back just a little piece of something that cannot be replaced.

My 15-60 minutes of time spent making my squares or my few yards of yarn, are never as priceless or as precious as the final gift that is given to the families receiving that blankets. It brings me so much joy & happiness to be able to love on them in this way. To some it may just be one small 6" square, but to those that receive these blankets, it becomes something so much more. Something so indescribable that there are often no words for the love, gratitude & appreciation they feel when they receive the blankets.

So if you really & truly want to know as to "Why I make squares?", I encourage you to try it just once. See what it's like to give back to families like this & to experience for yourself the joy you feel when you get to hear back on your own from one of the families who are gifted our blankets & to see how happy they are to receive them. It's an amazing feeling and something far beyond words can express!

All it takes is one square for you to help! If you want to help let us know at

Have a great day!

Michelle K
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