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Lucky Shamrocks Crochet Applique Pattern By The Perfect Knot

Lucky Shamrocks Applique by The Perfect Knot

It’s your Lucky Day!
These cute little shamrocks can be made using ANY thread or yarn & ANY hook size!
Perfect for embellishing your St. Patrick’s Day projects or just for whenever you need a little extra Luck in your day!
You can use them as appliques, for hair accessories, pins, brooches, or anything you can think of! They are cute, fun, FAST & easy & you can make on in about 5-10 minutes!
Share the luck & the love & enjoy this free pattern!
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Michelle K 
The Perfect Knot

Lucky Shamrocks
This is an intermediate level pattern written in US Crochet Terms.

This pattern can be worked with any hook size, yarn or thread.

Materials Needed:
Crochet Hook
Yarn or Thread
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Legend:
Mgc Rng – Magic Ring
Ch – Chain
Sl St – Slip Stitch
Trbl – Treble Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
SC – Single Crochet
* – Repeat instructions between *’s

Three and Four Leaf Shamrocks

Shamrocks made with different size threads & yarns
& various hooks

Begin with a Mgc Rng & working into the ring, *[Ch 4 (counts as 1st Trbl), 2 Trbl, 1 DC, 2 Trbl, Ch 4, Sl St back into the Ring], *Repeat twice for a 3 leaf Shamrock & 3 times for a 4 leaf Shamrock, after last Sl St, pull the yarn tail to close but do not close it all the way, leave a little room to work back into the ring, Ch 7, SC into the 2nd Ch from the hook & into each remaining Ch (6 SC), Sl St back into ring, pull yarn tail closed, Ch 1 & fasten off.
Using the tapestry needle weave in all your ends & clip excess yarn.

© Copyright Michelle R. Kovach/The Perfect Knot 2012 - 2014. All rights reserved. This is my original pattern. Do Not Copy, Modify, Reproduce, Sell or Claim as your own. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please Do NOT claim it as your own unique design. Please refer back to me as the original designer for any items you may sell.

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