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Princess or Prince Crown Pattern By The Perfect Knot

Princess or Prince Crown by The Perfect Knot

Hold your head high & wear your crown!
Everyone should feel like royalty & have a day to be a princess or a prince!
This cute crown can be made in any size from newborn to adult & is a great accessory for child’s pretend play, birthday parties or as a photo prop!
They work up really quickly & are a lot of fun to make!
Have fun with your new pattern & thank you for stopping by The Perfect Knot Crochet & More!
Michelle K 
The Perfect Knot

Princess/Prince Crown Accessory

This is an Intermediate level pattern written in US Crochet Terms.

Materials Needed:

Size 5.0mm Crochet hook
Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
Tapestry Needle
Tape Measure

Stitch Legend:
Ch – Chain
Sl St – Slip Stitch
FDC – Foundationless Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
Picot – Chain 3, Slip Stitch back into top of Stitch to secure
Sk – Skip
St – Stitch
Sts – Stitches
* – Repeat instructions between *’s

Gauge: 4 Stitches per Inch width
 2 Rounds in height = 1.25”

NOTE: Pattern is a Multiple of 6 & can be adjusted to fit any head. I did 72 for an adult female’s size for a 21” circumference & 60 for a child/toddler size at about an 18” circumference.

Use your tape measure to determine your head circumference from the center of the forehead around for a proper fit & adjust your stitches to the closest inch in a multiple of 6 to begin.

Round 1: (Leave a longer tail for sewing.) Begin with a Ch 4 (counts as 1st FDC), FDC in a multiple of 6 to fit around your head, Sl St to top of beginning Ch 4 to join

Round 2: Ch 3 (Counts as 1st DC here & throughout), 1 DC in each St around, Sl St to top of beginning Ch 3 to join

Round 3: Ch 3, *Sk 2 Sts, in next St [3 DC, Picot, 2 DC], Sk 2 Sts, 1 DC in next St, Repeat from * around, Sl St to top of Ch 3 to join. Using the tapestry needle, weave in your ends & sew up the little V at the bottom of your FDC round where you started.

© Copyright Michelle R. Kovach 2012 - 2-14. All rights reserved. This is my original pattern. Do Not Copy, Modify, Reproduce, Sell or Claim as your own. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please Do NOT claim it as your own unique design. Please refer back to me as the original designer for any items you may sell.

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